Israel Martinez is an artist born in Brooklyn, New York who resides in Miami-Dade County with his wife and two children. Israel’s mom is from Puerto Rico, and his father is also Puertorican but born in New York. Israel has been drawing and painting since he was a child emphasizing simple pleasures and inspirational messages in his paintings. He specializes in Oil and Acrylic painting. Since he was in elementary and high school, he has studied College-level Visual Arts.  One of the schools he studied in was the "Center for the Expressive Arts School," where he learned many valuable techniques that helped him developed many skills. Presently, Israel uses those valuable skills to earn a living in the printing business as an artist and a graphics designer.

With his paintings, Israel has participated in numerous expositions such as collective and individual expositions. He has painted murals in many churches through out South Florida and Central America. He gets his inspirations from places he has visited like New York City, Miami, Nicaragua and many other cities.  In addition, Israel plays guitar at a local church where he's the Music Director. He is also in charge of designing the church’s website he attends to, and he creates and provides most of the church’s printing. As a devoted Christian, Israel uses his talent as a vehicle to communicate and spread life-affirming values.

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Contact: | Israel Martinez | Cell: 786-547-7952
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